Simulating Composting in your Aerobin
Feedstock (Please select one or more feedstock) Quantity (Kilogram)
  • Simulate your composting effort here before starting composting.
  • If new ingredients become available then run your composting simulation again taking the new ingredients and/or weight changes into account. Some compensation thereafter maybe necessary to where you first started.
  • Mix all ingredients (like a tossed salad) before loading them into your Aerobin. Some ingredients may have to be “stored” until others become available – like grass cuttings/pruning's on the weekend.
  • If adding newsprint, ball this and layer between your mixed materials. Lay balled newsprint every 200mm (8”).
  • Aim for the middle of the "green" bands on the 3 indicators. However anywhere in the “green” bands will be satisfactory.
  • Remember that different materials will process at different rates - both as a consequence of the individual structure and the size of the particle that you loading into your bin. Always strive to keep the particle size small.